Cosmetic Dentistry Services

There are two main subsets in the field of dentistry, and those are general and cosmetic care. The latter focuses exclusively on improving a patient’s gums and teeth for better aesthetic appeal. In other words, it works to make your smile straighter, whiter, and brighter!

The good news for Pakerhill Dental patients is that this field is the one our dentists specialize in the most. Dr. Cybula and her team have been perfecting smiles for decades, and offer a unique selection of world-class cosmetic dentistry services. Listed below is more information about the main services our clinic offers; here’s to a new you!

What types of cosmetic dentistry does Pakerhill Dental provide?

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Composite bonding

Chipped, broken, and severely discolored teeth need to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further harm to surrounding teeth; composite bonding is typically thought of as the go-to solution for these issues, namely due to the affordability of the procedure and how quickly it can be completed.

The bonding process involves cementing a custom-colored resin plastic around the entire outer surface of the affected tooth, which when finished will restore it to its proper shape, size, and color shade. We use high-quality, ultraviolet lasers to facilitate the bond between the resin and enamel, allowing us to complete the procedure anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Gum contouring and crown lengthening

Not everyone is blessed with a photogenic smile; for many people, an uneven gum line can make teeth appear shorter and smaller than they really are. Gingival gum contouring and crown lengthening are the two procedures used by dentists to restructure an individual’s gum line for a more proportional look.

Depending on whether a patient needs gum recontouring by itself or in addition to reshaping the supporting jawbone, Pakerhill Dental’s trained team will perform the appropriate treatment.


Porcelain veneers are widely considered the “best of the best” when it comes to cosmetic dental enhancements. Thin sheets of porcelain laminate shells are custom-made to cover the front surface of visibly impaired teeth. Once bonded, veneers provide an almost identical match to the true shape and color of one’s natural teeth, hence their vast popularity.

These stain-resistant shells are ideal for fixing a wide variety of issues, including discoloration, misalignment, chipped surfaces, irregular shapes, and even gaps. In sum, the high cost of veneers is due to their universal fix-all status in the field of cosmetic dentistry. The procedure itself requires two separate appointments, one where the tooth is prepared, and one where the bonding process is carried out.

Everyone can have their version of a perfect smile; get yours today by setting up an appointment with one of our staff members. We look forward to meeting you and making your dreams of a photo-friendly smile come true!