Night & Sports Mouthguards

Many people take their teeth for granted, which is unfortunate because we only get one adult set. Blunt force trauma to the face can result in permanent damage to one’s teeth and jawbones, which is why many athletes who play sports (contact and noncontact) wear mouthguards. Accidents happen every day that result in tooth loss and a wide range of other oral health harms.

Custom Mouthguards

These custom fit, plastic molds cover the upper and lower teeth, effectively protecting them from harm. The same goes for night guards, which are intended to prevent the effects of teeth grinding in patients with Bruxism.

Our teeth are very strong and durable, but they are not invincible. Over time, grinding can erode the enamel chewing surface, making it harder to eat as well as talk. It has been found that over ⅓ of the population are teeth grinders, and most of this grinding occurs at night while people are asleep.

If left untreated, Bruxism will eventually expose the sensitive dentin underlayer, putting the delicate tissue in harm’s way with regards to infection and disease. Other major issues of teeth grinding include chipped teeth, excessive wear, damaged fillings, and receding gum lines. All of these problems can be fixed with a personalized night guard.

Getting a mouthguard

Although they may be cheaper, store bought mouthguards pale in comparison to the quality afforded by types custom made in a dental lab. The reason being that the latter are molded to the individual contours of your mouth and bite impression; generic guards rarely match up perfectly, and are not nearly as long-lasting.

After discussing with your dentist about your specific mouthguard needs, he or she will take multiple bite impressions and possibly X-rays to send off to the lab for manufacturing. You may be provided with a temporary guard until the permanent one is available.

At Pakerhill Dental, we strive to streamlines this process. Our clinic works with a number of very respected labs in the area, and can typically have custom mouth and sport guards back in our office within a week.

Once your mouthguard arrives, it will be tested to ensure a proper fit. Night guards should be taken out every morning and rinsed with cold water to for cleaning purposes. Make it a habit to clean your guard weekly with toothpaste and mouthwash, as this will kill off any saliva-borne bacteria. Always dry your guard prior to putting it back in its storage container.

Unless your jaw structure alters markedly, there should be no need to get a new guard. One is all you need, and all it takes to safeguard your mouth and smile from permanent damage. Talk to one of the dentists at Pakerhill Dental today to see if getting a mouthguard is right for you.