Oral Surgery Procedures

A specialty field of dentistry, oral surgery is primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the face and mouth. Otherwise known as the maxillofacial region, many injuries and defects (trauma, genetic, disease-related, etc.) to the teeth and jaws require surgical intervention to correct.

Most dentists will refer patients to an oral surgeon if they believe the individual needs treatment beyond their scope of control, as these dental specialists deal specifically with afflicting conditions that trump any aesthetic concern. In other words, they are typically called upon to fix serious oral health problems that a general dentist is not qualified to treat.

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Oral Surgery Procedures

What conditions is oral surgery commonly used to treat?

Oral surgeons are typically skilled in many areas, with the below being the most popular.

Dental implants

While most of the work concerning implants can be conducted by your normal dentist, oral surgeons are often called on to aid in the planning and placement stages; patients needing jawbone reconstruction, gum tissue modification, and similar work are typically sent to a surgeon.

Facial trauma and pain

Broken face and jaw bones, tissue lacerations, and the correction of severed nerves are all issues that a trained oral surgeon can easily remedy.

Surgery (cosmetic, reconstructive, and corrective jaw)

Given their title, this is the area most oral surgeons specialize in the most. From cyst and tumor removal to correcting skeletal irregularities, these invasive operations require a skilled hand to perform right.

Treatment for sleep apnea

Conventional treatments for sleep apnea such as oral appliances and behavior therapy do not always provide an effective solution. When all else fails, surgery is usually the final resort. Various procedures are used to adjust the soft palate and breathing passages as a means of helping patients sleep better and more soundly.

Wisdom teeth extraction

Most teens and young adults have to have their wisdom teeth pulled due to overcrowding. These third sets of molars can cause oral pain and headaches when not removed, and they do not always break through the skin cleanly. Oral surgeons are trained to extract both partial and full wisdom teeth, and must thoroughly evaluate the patient’s needs before figuring out what treatment option is best.

Sinus Lift

A surgery used to raise the bone in the upper back jaw to provide greater structural support for dental implants. The entire sinus floor is lifted into position and filled with bone graft material that eventually becomes infused.

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