Professional Teeth Whitening

Where will your whiter smile take you?

Unless you are born with superior oral genetics, practice perfect hygiene, and live a life free of tobacco use and coffee consumption, the chances are your teeth could benefit from a professional, whitening treatment.

Pakerhill Dental has produced thousands of satisfied patients- or shall we say smiles!- over the years, and much of these accomplishments can be credited to our in-office whitening services.

Nowadays there are a whole host of over the counter whitening products available, but none can compare to the results one can achieve by paying a visit to their dentist, at least when it comes to getting them quickly. Although the materials used in these products are virtually all the same (IE hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide gel), the specific concentrations vary markedly from one to the next. The lower the concentration, the less noticeable the whitening results.

Since most of our patients want to see their teeth shine multiple shades whiter as quickly as possible, they trust our team of dental professionals to make it happen. Dr. Cybula and her staff at Pakerhill Dental use a special solution of 25-38% hydrogen peroxide, as this is the main active whitening ingredient. If your dentist believes it will aid the bleaching phase, he or she may also use a high intensity light to facilitate the process.

The peroxide gel works by penetrating deep into the enamel by a combination of oxidation and diffusion, where it breaks the stains down at the molecular level. Professional teeth whitening has been successfully used to treat all levels of staining and discoloration, and is a very safe, quick procedure.

Some patients find their teeth to be a bit more sensitive during the whitening treatment, but this usually subsides by the time they leave the clinic; there have been no further reported side effects for this cosmetic procedure. Thanks to the use of fluoride and potassium nitrate in modern whitening agents, the issue of tooth sensitivity has been almost completely eliminated.

Patients may be asked to perform two sessions to ensure optimal whitening results; your dentist will know how many appointments you need after performing a comprehensive analysis. Each session takes one to two hours to complete and usually whitens your teeth by a few shades at least.

If you are unsure whether an in-office whitening treatment is right for you, simply talk to one of our dentists. Everyone’s needs are different, and it may be the case where an at-home, over the counter product is a better option for you. Make sure to tell your dentist if you have sensitive teeth, as this is something they will need to know in order to administer the appropriate whitening solution.