Advanced Dental Technology

Pakerhill Dental would not be where it is today without the help of the advanced dental technology our clinic uses on a daily basis. Patients depend on us to thoroughly clean their teeth and protect their smiles from harm, which is why our staff utilizes only the best equipment the field has to offer.

Improved safety and efficiency are by far two of the top benefits provided by modern dentistry; doctors today can quickly assess and diagnose oral health issues at the source, knowing with pinpoint accuracy what the causes of a particular affliction are and where they are located.

Unlike our predecessors that relied a lot on informed guesswork, Dr. Cybula and her team are always 100% aware and certain of what is going on. The more we know, the better we can continue to serve our patients.

Below are a few of the devices we use to aid our general and cosmetic procedures:

Diode Laser

Containing a high-powered, laser beam, diode lasers are used by dentists to cut through soft tissue (IE gum lines) with optimal precision. With the ability to vaporise tissue far faster than scalpels and other hand instruments, this machine makes aesthetic gum contouring, periodontal procedures, root canal therapy, and many more operations much easier to finish.

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Digital X-Ray

Modern X-ray technology is a far cry away from their conventional counterparts. Linked directly to a computer, we can take and show images to our patients in real-time, thus keeping them fully informed about the state of their oral health and why we recommend specific operations.

Another critical benefit of digital X-rays is that they contain a very minimal amount of radiation; all images are stored in a secure, electronic database and can be sent instantly to patients or other dentists for referrals.

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Laughing Gas

Anesthetics are used mainly for two purposes; to numb operation sites and to reduce patient discomfort.

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist, especially when they have a root canal or similar, invasive procedure scheduled. Laughing gas has been around for many years, and is one of the safest and most effective sedatives and antianxiety agents.

Comprised of equal parts nitrous oxide and oxygen, patients relax quickly and can even be put to sleep depending on their needs; laughing gas can and is used safely on children and young adults every day.

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Wave-One Endodontic System

Thanks to this incredible technology, root canal therapy procedures can be conducted more efficiently and effectively than ever before. The Wave-One NiTi file system uses a standalone filing instrument to accurately shape the cleaned canal for filling material insertion. Every bit of infected pulp is removed fast, allowing the operation to be now completed in one appointment.

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Intraoral Camera

These high-quality cameras are attached to a versatile pen that can view the entire inside of a patient’s mouth, in real time as well. You will get a close-up of your pearly (or not so) whites, and be able to talk to your dentist while the initial consultation is underway.

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We believe in keeping our patients well-informed about their health; keeping people in the dark about what they can do to improve their oral hygiene is not only foolhardy, it is simply bad business.

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Technology, decades of experience, and a proven track record of patient success are what Pakerhill Dental offers. Are you ready for your new and improved smile?