Digital Dental X-ray

In the old days before X-ray technology was invented, dentists had no choice but to rely on their better judgment when assessing the state of their patients’ oral health.

Digital Dental X-ray

In the absence of 3D imaging, there was simply no way to view every angle of an individual’s teeth, gumline, and jawbone. This is all changed with the advent of the X-ray machine, which then gave doctors full spectrum views and a much more accurate analysis.

However, it was not until the rather recent development of digital technology that dentists could do all of this in real time and with many additional benefits. In addition to providing crystal clear imagery, modern radiographs emit far less radiation than their traditional counterparts, thus making them safer for many more patients.

Due to various health risks, many people are unable to have X-rays performed by conventional machines, including a vast number of dental patients. That being said, digital X-ray technology has opened the door for treating a larger part of the population, many of whom are unknowingly suffering from oral health conditions.

What benefits does digital technology offer over the alternative?

Perhaps the most widely recognized advantage that digital X-rays provide is the ability to capture and save close-up images in real time; patients can view the inside of their mouth as their dentist conducts the operation.

With the ability to quickly enlarge and enhance these photographs, miscommunication between doctor and patient is a non-issue. All questions and concerns can be addressed during the consultation, and the saved images will be stored in a digital database for future retrieval.

Much like electronic medical records, digital X-ray data can be sent and retrieved instantly by any dentist that Pakerhill Dental might refer. We can also print or email you copies of your photos upon your request; this is one way digital technology helps keep everyone in the loop. Problems tend to arise when people are not on the same page, and this is the last thing we want for our patients.

Due to being digital, modern X-rays machines are much more eco-friendly; it may not be the biggest highlight, but our staff is very proud to reduce our environmental footprint wherever possible. Our patients enjoy the convenience and flexibility of this new-age technology as much as we do, thus making it a win-win.

Dentists once had a tough time identifying many oral health issues, and we commend their ability to have done so without computers. The benefits provided by these technological advancements are incredible to say the least; the field of dentistry has improved immensely in the last few decades, thanks to some incredible minds!

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