Root Canal in One Visit

Thoroughly cleaning away infected pulp in a root canal is vital for the success of a root canal therapy procedure; dentists previously relied on multiple scraping instruments to extract the pulp through the pilot hole drilled in the top of the afflicted tooth, but with the aid of the revolutionary Wave-One Endodontic System, they now only need one.

Wave One Endodontic System

This single-file, single-use system allows your dentist to shape the canal from start to finish without added tools; from fully extracting infected pulp to molding the empty canal to fit perfectly with the final filling material, Wave-One Endodontic has pioneered the way root canal therapy is performed.

Using conventional, hand filing techniques, dentists have to typically schedule two separate appointments; with this new and improved method, the entire process can be completed in one session, thus greatly reducing the time it takes to complete root canal treatments. Since the latter is often thought of by most patients as one of the more painful procedures (a misconception that should be dispelled), one can definitely appreciate the time-reducing benefits brought on by the single-use filing system.

A tapered funnel is the desired shape for all root canals, one which the Wave-One reciprocating method has been manufactured to achieve. Powered by a pre-programmed motor, the files are moved back and forth in a reciprocating motion. Built from M-Wire technology, they are much stronger than traditional files and can withstand cyclic fatigue to a far greater degree.

Quick and accurate, dentists have already saved millions of hours extracting damaged pulp, not to mention made their patients’ mouths safer in the process. It is important to note that any gaps in the region covering the pulp and nerve are a gateway for food and bacteria; this is precisely how infections start and spread rapidly.

The last thing a patient with an abscess tooth needs is a dry socket, or worse yet, another infection. Thanks to Wave-One’s unique design (there are three differently-sized files), your dentist can core the canal to the desired width, thus ensuring that the filling material fits firmly in place.

Many dentists who are traditional hand filers have no problem adjusting to Wave-One, particularly as it pertains to radicular cleaning and shaping. Those who have been performing root canal therapy procedures for a long time enjoy the automatic assistance that comes with the device.

As well, since the files are equipped M-Wire, they have a built-in warning system (IE the wire will stretch prior to breaking), thus alerting dentists to their end of use. Conventional rotary cleaning and scraping is indeed very effective, but it is lacks the added safety of the subtler reciprocating motion used in Wave-One technology.

Don’t fear your upcoming root canal; with Wave-One, Pakerhill Dental can make short work of this procedure, and install a replacement bound to last years without fail.